Library Procedures

Library Procedures:


Food & Drink:  Water is allowed. Students should not be eating or drinking soda or juice in the library. Ask them to keep it out or they can leave it at the front desk and pick up on the way out.


Checkout of Books:  Students can check out what they need and may renew unless there is a hold or waiting list for the item. If they lose the book they must pay for that item.  If they damage an item, if they tell me about it I will charge $2.00 toward the replacement cost for the first time. If they damage another book they must replace it.   A fine is entered into Follett Destiny along with the amount and when they pay for the item that is also entered in.


Music: Students should use headphones. Sometimes if the music is quiet I allow it to be played as long as they are not disturbing anyone.


Cell Phones:


Restrooms or Locker: Students are allowed to use restrooms/lock one or two at a time.


Tests in the Library: High school students may take tests during study halls, at noon, or after school until 4.  They need to sit at one of the front tables, students should be seated at different tables, no talking or notes unless authorized.


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